Nice to Meet Me

Nice to Meet Me


The most frequent cry for help I hear from artists is "I hate writing about myself." Well unless you're as infamously confident as Jeff Koons, it's normal to have a hard time promoting yourself or describing your accomplishments. 

Recently I conducted an interview with a client to bring out the intimate and important milestones in their life that may have influenced their work. As a side-effect, the artist had time to reflect on directed questions and state some of their defining philosophies and inspirations. 

So I suggest to you, Interview Yourself! Set up your iphone or camera in a well-lit room, prepare a list of questions from some of the resources below, and record your responses for posterity. Not only will these answers help you write artist statements and biographies, it will be an archive of where you've been and are in this moment (for when you become super famous). 


  • Jot down responses pre-interview to help you articulate answers on video.

  • Use public speaking practices such as good posture, gestures, no um's and er's, use eye-contact.

  • Read the question aloud before each reply to help mark your place.

  • Ask a trusted friend to ask the questions and follow leads in your replies.

  • Limit your interview times to 1 hour intervals. Take breaks to refocus your thoughts.

  • Relax! and be your true self. Don't alter responses to meet outside expectations.

Here are some links to pages with great questions:

ARTSCULTURE questions for artists
CSU PSYCHOLOGY questions for creative people
STORYCORPS great questions list
HUFF POST questions that reveal everything

If all else fails, call a consultant!

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